About Rock Lot Studio

Origin of Rock Lot Studio

Across the street from our house there stands a new home on what was once a vacant lot. The developers of our community had determined this lot was not usable since there were large rocks buried in the land and it would require much effort to remove them. So, this lot was left vacant through the years. It was often neglected and soon became an eyesore because it was overgrown, full of rocks and weeds due to being unattended by the developer. One day a child living on the street asked if we could watch a movie outside during the summer like they do at a local park. That sounded like a great idea so my neighbor and I set to work to make this happen. We had access to a projector and speakers so the plan was to connect them to a computer and project them on a screen. We then set to work on building a large screen to project the movies upon. After many trips to the local home improvement store and several attempts at building the screen we found that many more people became interested in attending our movie. We needed the screen to be bigger. And with the bigger size came the bigger cost. Until eventually we looked across the street in frustration and realized the side of our neighbors two-story home would be the perfect size for a screen. After a day of cleaning up the lot, setting up and testing our equipment, and figuring out how to get the street lights to go out, we were ready for opening night of the first Rock Lot Movie Night. It was a huge success and the crowds grew each weekend. Kids invited their friends, sleepovers were planned with movie night in mind, and we even made popcorn onsite. What a great time we had. We took a seemingly useless plot of land and made it into a destination. Rock Lot Studio pays homage to those days when everyone was excited about what we had created together. We took an idea and turned it into a well loved event. This was a place where people wanted to visit and it always brought a smile to their face when they saw it for the first time. We would love to do the same for your website. Let us take your ideas and build your website into a destination where people enjoy visiting.